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The Golden Ratio

Phi = 1.618

Also known as eyebrow embroidery, 3D eyebrow, feather touch brows, micro-stroke eyebrow tattoo and feathering. This cosmetic procedure is designed to cosmetically enhance the natural shape of the eyebrow using implantation of safe pigments into the skin, mimicking the eyebrows natural hair.

The treatment is semi-permanent lasting up to two years depending on the skin type and is a two part procedure - initial consultation and touch-up. At the first session, the eyebrow shape is measured according to the client's facial features, such as the eyes and nose in order to achieve the most suitable natural eyebrow shape (The Golden Ratio - 1:618) and pigment colour depending on the colour of the client's eyebrow hair. Once the client is satisfied with the newly drawn shape, the procedure will begin. Please allow two hours for this session.

A complimentary touch-up is scheduled at four to six weeks after the first session. During the touch-up, the eyebrow is re-measured and analysed to check whether more strokes need to be added. Please keep in mind this is a two part procedure, therefore a touch-up is essential for every client to see the final result after healing. Allow one hour for this session. A touch-up must be completed within 3 months to avoid additional charges.